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Prehistoric Power!

What? . . Grimlock Hungry by monkeypoke
Me, Grimlock, not "nice dino." Me mash brains!

We hope you enjoy your stay in our group. If you have any questions/concerns/problems, please leave one of the admins a message.

Here, we accept.
-Pictures of Dinobots in any continuity (original is accepted as well).
-Writing about Dinobots in any continuity.
-Group or standalone pictures of the Dinobots.
-Crafts/Toys of the Dinobots.
-Original Dinobot characters.

Please, do not flame/troll/bully any members or pictures. Be civil, and don't go too crazy.

Whichever genre/Autobot you love... Hopefully you'll find it here! :D Thanks so much for visiting.


Artist Features/Commission Features (Any artist/commision taker who wants to be featured pays 20 points a month. :) ) :
UPDATE: On our custom box, we have artist features/advertisements for commissions. If you'd like to be featured there, you can pay only 20 points for eahc month... Just leave a note to the group! :heart:

Hey, this is :iconceenova: the Co-Founder. :iconmrreviewerguy: hasn't posted anything in quite a while, so I thought I would try to provide an update of sorts.

First, I'd love to feature some randomly selected works from our gallery!
A Child Shall Lead Them Pt. 7The moment Pterodactus accepted Wreck-Gar's challenge, the Junkions scattered to the stands, leaving the arena clear for the two combatants.  The Autobots were left bound to their posts on one side of the arena, while Wheelie and the Dinobots were ushered into the stands to await the outcome of the fight.  Chatter and wild applause rang through the crowd, and several mechs began talking in enthusiastic tones, each trying to drown out the others as if competing for the title of announcer for this duel.  All in all the atmosphere was more like that of a sporting event than a battle to the death -- much like Slag's favorite wrestling shows, though as far as Pterodactus knew, those seldom ended in someone being deactivated.
A Junkion femme draped a ragged but colorful banner over Wreck-Gar's shoulders, while a mech took his axe and ran a sharpener over the blades before handing it back.  Another femme offered a banner to Pterodactus, but the Prime wa
Dinobots vs. Devastator by Dan-the-artguy Sludge 2 by StriderSyd Just Snarl... by adamantis Slag Ouch by The-Starhorse Swoop Snapshot by SachiAmi Grimlock by zgul-osr1113
Just a picture from each section of our diverse gallery.

Speaking of our gallery: I see we have nothing in Original Characters, hehe. I'll see if I can find anyone with an interest in Dinobot OC's! As for other Dinobot fans, what are your opinions on Dinobot OC's? DO you feel the Dinobots should be exclusive to the canon characters? Just some discussion fuel. ^_^

I would really like to expand our group as well, and see it become much more successful. I believe a good way to do this is to reach out to other TF groups, affiliate, promote each other...and of course, find more wonderful art! ;) So if your group would like to affiliate with us, let either :iconmrreviewerguy: or I know.

I'll also try to jazz up the group a bit. :) So look out for that! If you have any recommendations for our group set-up, how we do things, etc... Please let us know! We want all of our members to be happy.

Thanks for all the support of the Dinobots and the group itself! I hope we may be successful! :heart:
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We are a peaceful group...THAT SMASHES ANYONE WHO THINK OTHERWISE! Join or follow for anything and everything about the Dinobots. Or Transformers that turns into a dinosaur. Or just a robot dinosaur. Those are cool!
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Jul 27, 2011


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All of our wonderful affiliates! Be sure to check them out and enjoy their galleries as well.


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Jazzy-Bunny Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
Are you no longer accepting new members? 
KatCardy Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2014  Professional General Artist
Thought you guys would appreciate these: TFA Grimlock Custom Vinyl Figure by Kat-Nicholson 
Me Grimlock KING! -Music Video! Click Link in Desc by Kat-Nicholson
LoneRanger30 Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Can I join your group?
MrReviewerGuy Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Just submit your request!
LoneRanger30 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks! :)
MrReviewerGuy Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Of course!
warbro22 Featured By Owner May 30, 2013  Professional General Artist
guys im wont to work on a survival horror game based on transformers. the dinobots are the mane enermys and the levls are based on other horror game eg slender
these are the idias of the levals:
grimlock-scp containment breach
snarl-amnesia dark decent but
thses levels will have the same levle dign and graphics as the ones the ideas are from
i need some help with slag cose i have no idea wat his level should be any shugestions?
MrReviewerGuy Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Interesting idea! Although I'm not sure I could be much help in this regard, I've never been one to play many horror games. Unlike my idol, Grimlock, I'm many times the coward when it comes to video games! On top of that, I've always viewed the Dinobots to be the heroes, I find it difficult to view them as horror monsters!
warbro22 Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2013  Professional General Artist
it depends on the perspective of the dinobots
Jarreltheluckyone Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2012
I have since a time a strange idea. There was a comics, who was a crossover, between gijoe and transformers. That happened in an alternate world, during the WW2 time. But the clones of Charlie Chaplin and the Omer simpson of Italy seems didn't existed.
The transformers changed into planes, vehicules, or tanks of WW2, and... They could do better again. When you see all the vehicules and others stuffs who were created during this time...
I think: the dinobots could have the form of... the ancestors of that vehicules. Imagine that: Grimlock, Snarls and cie, having the forms of tanks of WW1. Tanks appeared during this war, take a look on a book: french FT-17, german AV-7, Mark VI and others from Britain. And i don't speak of the firsts warplanes.
If an artist could do something like that, that could be nice isn't? If you know fans artists abbles to do that... And that could be a nice idea for a comission i think. But stop thinking.
Thinking give head pain...Must crush something... and eating someone
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